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  • While environmentalists celebrate ‘Earth Hour,’ they should thank fracking for lowering emissions

    By Chelsea Follett | The Washington Examiner | March 25, 2017 On Saturday during “Earth Hour,” millions of people will abstain from using electricity to draw attention to the energy sector’s ecological footprint and other environmental issues. There is heartening news for those who choose to keep their lights on—whether as part of the “Human Achievement Hour” […] Read More

  • US Taxpayers Might Be on the Hook for Dakota Pipeline Protest Costs

    By Blake Nicholson | The Associated Press | March 16 ,2017   Bismarck, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota officials appear poised to go after the U.S. government — and thus U.S. taxpayers — to recoup more than $38 million in state expenses related to months of protests against the Dakota Access pipeline, though a longstanding offer […] Read More

  • No Peak Oil For America Or The World

    By James Conca | Forbes | March 2 ,2017 Oil is more plentiful than you can imagine. And we keep figuring out easier and more economical ways to get it out of the ground. In 1938, the famous geologist M. King Hubbert came up with the concept of peak oil, which is defined as having extracted half […] Read More

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