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  • Anti-fracking Movement Reeling As ‘Scare Tactics’ Fail To Resonate

    Valerie Richardson | The Washington Times | 22 June 2016 DENVER — Even before a federal court ruling threw out the Obama administration’s hydraulic fracturing rule this week, foes of fracking were struggling to dig their way out of a hole after a string of policy and regulatory reversals. Other environmental crusades targeting the oil and […] Read More

  • The U.S. Leads All Countries In Lowering Carbon Dioxide Emissions

    Robert Rapier | Forbes | 19 June 2016 As I noted in a previous article on the recently-released 2016 BP Statistical Review of World Energy, the world set a new all-time high for fossil fuel consumption in 2015. This was driven by new global consumption records for petroleum and natural gas. However, global coal consumption did decline by 1% in 2015. In fact, 2015 […] Read More

  • Editorial: Who’s ignoring science?

    Las Vegas Review-Journal | 3 June 2016 All too often, climate change alarmists are fond of declaring that “the science is settled” when discussing the negative effects of mankind’s use of fossil fuels. In order to make sure that virtually all of our energy resources remain in the ground rather than be tapped to raise […] Read More

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