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  • Friends of the Earth forced to withdraw anti-fracking leaflets

    Andrew Ward | Financial Times | Jan. 3, 2017 Advertising watchdog found flyer’s claims not backed up by evidence Environmental charity Friends of the Earth has been forced to withdraw notices about the impact of fracking for shale gas after Britain’s advertising regulator found they could not be backed up with evidence. The Advertising Standards […] Read More

  • California Elementary School Fights Oil Drilling Ban

    Lachlan Markay | Washington Free Beacon | Dec. 12, 2016 A small California elementary school is teaming up with a multinational energy company to block an oil drilling ban approved by voters in November, which, the school says, will probably force it to shut its doors. The San Ardo Elementary School District is reliant on […] Read More

  • How Frackers Beat OPEC

    Vauhini Vara  | The Atlantic  |   Jan/Feb 2017 In November 2014, opec ministers gathered in Vienna for a tense meeting. Oil prices had fallen to their lowest point in four years. For decades, the cartel had responded to situations like this by restricting production and sending prices higher. But things were changing. During the mid- […] Read More

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