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  • Anti-fracking activists looking for Elise Jones picket wrong house

    John Fryar | Times Call | 09.11.17 Anti-fracking activists wrote a news release about a demonstration they staged Sunday outside a Marine Street residence in Boulder that they thought was the home where Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones lives. Jones does not live there, though, and said on Monday that while she’s one of the […] Read More

  • Do Fossil Fuel Protesters Know How Much Those Fuels Impact Their Lives?

    By: David Blackmon | 8.13.17 | Forbes Last Friday, the American Statesman published a piece titled “About 100 Protesters Call For Austin To End Fossil Fuel Use For Power”. Being from Texas, I read the piece and viewed the video attached to the story with great interest. The City of Austin – Texas’s capital city – maintains […] Read More

  • Why ‘Keep It In The Ground’ Is Not Necessarily Green

    By: Scott Tinker | 8.10.17 | Forbes Passionate voices in environmental, political and even academic spheres have recommended elimination of 85% of global energy by keeping oil, natural gas and coal in the ground, thus cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions. This, they argue, is for the welfare of the global climate and of the […] Read More

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