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  • New EPA methane rules hit the oil patch for the first time

    Jennifer Hiller | San Antonio Express-News | 12 May 2016 Sweeping federal rules unveiled Thursday will tackle the release of the greenhouse gas methane from oil wells and equipment as part of an effort to fight climate change. The regulations would require oil companies to find and fix leaks in new wells and at equipment […] Read More

  • Interior secretary: ‘Keep it in the ground’ activists ‘naive’

    Timothy Cama | The Hill | 06 May 2016 Interior Secretary Sally Jewell had harsh criticism for activists who want to dramatically reduce the production of fossil fuels. Jewell said the activists, who call their movement “keep it in the ground,” ignore the fact that for the time being, the country is dependent on oil, […] Read More

  • Feds Point to Fracked Gas as Reason for Emissions Reductions

    John Siciliano | Washington Examiner | 9 May 2016 Carbon dioxide emissions continue to fall in the United States due to a switch from coal to natural gas derived from shale, the federal government reported Monday. The Energy Information Administration, the Energy Department’s independent analysis arm, looked at what’s behind the recent declines in greenhouse […] Read More

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