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  • It’s Past Time For Fracking Foes To Obey Will Of People

    Youngstown Vindicator Editorial   |   Saturday, November 12, 2016   Once again on Tuesday, voters in Youngstown resoundingly said no to a misguided effort to ban hydraulic fracturing in the city. And once again, the self-righteous leaders of the charter amendment refused to accept defeat and are now contemplating a seventh futile try in […] Read More

  • Wyoming Study: Fracking Likely Not Behind Well Water Problem

    The Associated Press | 10 Nov. 2016 A final report on foul-tasting well water in a rural Wyoming community has found that hydraulic fracturing probably didn’t cause the problem. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency touched off a national backlash in 2011 when it said fracking likely was behind the groundwater problem in Pavillion. The controversy […] Read More

  • Blocking pipelines is the new anti-fracking ploy

    Robert Bryce | New York Post | 8 Nov. 2016 The Left’s unthinking demonization of natural gas continues. Last month, 15 people were arrested at a rally outside the offices of New York Sen. Charles Schumer as part of the ongoing effort by activists to halt the construction of the AIM pipeline, which is designed to carry natural […] Read More

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