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  • 8 Reasons Why Fracking and American Manufacturing Together are “Powering the People”

    With the help of trusted advisor Horizontal Drilling, presidential candidate Fracking announced this week that American Manufacturing will be her running mate. With a VP pick locked in, let’s explore why Fracking and American Manufacturing are the perfect complements to “Powering the People.” 1. Fracking and American Manufacturing already made America Great Again Thanks to low-cost […] Read More

  • Not the usual campaign drill

    David Conti | Pittsburgh Tribune | 8 Sept. 2016 In a presidential election where so much has been made about how unpopular the major-party nominees are, perhaps it’s no surprise that a candidate with a negative perception in some circles should throw its hat in the ring. Fracking revolutionized how this country obtains energy. Now it — or […] Read More

  • Up for Debate: Natural Gas Delivers Climate Progress in Texas

    Steve Everley | Bloomberg Government | 7 Sept. 2016 When you think of Texas, do you picture the clean energy economy? You should. No state produces more natural gas than Texas, and thanks to fracking, the United States is now the largest natural gas producer in the entire world. In 2015, the Lone Star State produced more than […] Read More

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