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  • Little Caracas on the Prairie

    Venezuela, by some measures home to the world’s largest crude reserves, saw oil output drop in September to a four-decade low of 1.17 million barrels. The same month saw North Dakota, owner of the Guinness World Record for the most snow angels, produce a record of nearly 1.3 million barrels. Read More

  • How Fracking Turned OPEC Into The Walking Dead

    The river of oil now hitting the market from U.S. fracking has stunned global energy markets. The U.S. has already leapfrogged both Russia and Saudi Arabia as the No. 1 producer. Will U.S. oil lead to OPEC's demise? Read More

  • New Claim: Vandalizing Infrastructure Is Okay because Climate Change

    A recent article from a publication called “Wired” about anti-pipeline activists so romanticizes the act of vandalizing energy infrastructure that readers could almost be forgiven for thinking these extremists are doing the right thing – almost. Read More

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