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On June 4, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its long awaited study on the potential impacts of fracking on drinking water.  The study found no widespread water contamination, contradicting anti-fracking groups’ most widely peddled myth about fracking.  Here are some of the more notable findings and responses to the report, as played by cats.

1. EPA scientists confirm fracking hasn’t caused widespread water contamination. 



2. The EPA report tossed cold water on anti-fracking activists’ main argument against fracking.

3.  Supporters of American energy celebrated the EPA report as more evidence that fracking is safe.

4. Anti-fracking groups were not impressed.


5.  In fact, anti-fracking activists who have spent millions of dollars opposing fracking were downright confused by the report.

6. Some anti-fracking groups tried to hide from the EPA report’s findings.

7. Other anti-fracking activists argued in circles, accusing the green-friendly EPA of doing industry’s bidding.

8. Unfortunately, anti-fracking activists are desperately clinging to a false claim.

9. And now, anti-fracking groups are trying to ignore the EPA report, hoping it will just go away.

10. But rest assured: Fracking has not caused widespread water contamination, and even the EPA agrees!

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