A Project of Texans for Natural Gas

Frack Feed

It’s no secret that there’s a political campaign underway in the United States to ban fracking, a technology that has unlocked enormous supplies of natural gas. Critics claim that we can stop using natural gas, and instead rely on wind and solar. There are big problems with that, but it also ignores a pretty important fact: there are tons of products in our everyday lives that are made from natural gas. As it turns out, natural gas is an important building block for manufacturing, allowing the creation of everything from plastics to medicine. Here are 25 of those products.

1. A Doctor’s vitamin capsule and pharmaceuticals

2. A businessman’s cellphone

3. Military parachutes

4. Safety glasses for assembly line workers

5. The tires for police cars

6. Toothpaste and Toothbrushes for your child’s teeth

7. A fisherman’s fishing rod and lifevest

8. Guitar strings

9. The family refrigerator

10. Artificial limbs for amputees

11. Dallas Cowboy’s football cleats and football helmets

12. An artist’s paintbrush

13. Farmer’s Insecticide & fertilizer

14. A retired person’s dentures

15. Truckdriver’s tires

16. Baby camera monitors

17. A child’s bandage

18. The tent and insect repellent for a family’s camping trip

19. A kindergarten class’s crayons

20. A golfer’s golf ball

21. A plumber’s water pipes

22. Allergy medication

23. Mom’s perfume and lipstick

24. Craftsman’s tool rack

25. Cortisone for autoimmune disorders