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Frack Feed

Say what?! Anti-fracking activists say the darndest things, and they always think they’re winning the debate. But if you find yourself debating an anti-fracking activist, don’t worry if you get frustrated, it happens to everyone. Here are the five emotions you’ll typically experience during that debate.

1. Confusion

It’s easy to be confused when celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio demonize fracking and still use private jets like a taxi. Prepare to hear some arguments that’ll leave you like:



2. Frustration

It can be frustrating when debating anti-fracking activists, who will say just about anything. We’re still trying to figure this quote out from New York’s anti-fracking chef Brooks Headley (who uses natural gas in his kitchens, by the way): “If we destroy the water supply, we destroy New York pizza.” Come again?



3. Surprise

Here’s an actual quote from Yoko Ono: “Fracking kills, and it doesn’t just kill us. It kills the land, nature and, eventually, the whole world.” If that leaves you surprised, don’t be alarmed: science says otherwise.



4. Embarrassment

Anti-fracking activists rely heavily on celebrities as “experts,” and those celebrities have said some pretty silly things about fracking. So it’s perfectly normal to feel embarrassed for them.


5. Relief

Remember, you – not the anti-fracking activists – have the science on your side. What a relief!