A Project of Texans for Natural Gas

Keystone XL (KXL)

1. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! During its construction, KXL will create 20,000 direct jobs and an additional 118,000 indirect jobs for American workers.
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2. KXL will pay over $5 billion in taxes to the communities along the pipeline’s route. Can you say, new roads and well-funded local services?

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3. Cha-Ching! KXL will also generate $20 billion in economic benefits for the U.S. economy during construction.

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Dakota Access (DAPL)

4. DAPL construction has created roughly 33,000 jobs, but I guess the fracktivist protestors don’t care about those…

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5. In North Dakota, DAPL already created nearly 7,700 jobs generating $450 million in labor income! That’s a lot of dinero.

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6. But wait, there’s more! DAPL contributed around $32.9 million for state government and $1.7 million for local governments through taxes—and that’s just in North Dakota!

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7. Starting strong! DAPL will generate about $13.1 million in new property tax revenue for North Dakota local governments in just its FIRST. YEAR.


*mic drop*