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With the help of trusted advisor Horizontal Drilling, presidential candidate Fracking announced this week that American Manufacturing will be her running mate. With a VP pick locked in, let’s explore why Fracking and American Manufacturing are the perfect complements to “Powering the People.”

1. Fracking and American Manufacturing already made America Great Again

Thanks to low-cost natural gas, 264 chemical manufacturing projects have been announced in the United States, valued at over $164 billion. Spending on chemical manufacturing last year alone totaled a record $42 billion.

2. Together, they are bringing jobs back to America


Shale gas development and the infrastructure needed to bring it to market helped create 1.9 million jobs in the United States in 2015.

3. Revitalizing American industries like steel

The steel industry projects that demand growth, coupled with increased shale gas development, will help create around 1 million jobs nationwide by 2025.

4. While growing the economy at all levels

Increased shale gas production and lower natural gas prices contributed $190 billion to U.S. real GDP in 2015. American Manufacturing also injects billions of dollars into regional economies, such as the recently announced $700 million plastics plant in Houston.

5. Offering wages that go well beyond the discussion of minimum wage

While Bernie Sanders was discussing a mandated $15 an hour minimum wage, American Manufacturing was providing the average worker over $20 an hour.

6. But American Manufacturing requires energy, and Fracking provides it

No one can accuse American Manufacturing of having “low energy” – electricity accounts for a sizeable portion of production costs, but thanks to an abundance of natural gas from shale, U.S. industrial electricity prices are 30 to 50 percent lower than what they are overseas.

7. All the while being fiscally responsible

New chemical industry investment is expected to generate $22 billion in new federal, state, and local tax revenue over the next seven years.

8. When Fracking and American Manufacturing join forces, America thrives

Affordable natural gas from shale development has brought back industries such as fertilizer, while upgrading and building pipelines will lead to an estimated 347,000 new jobs.

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