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Activists Asking Out-of-Staters to Help with ‘Local’ Pipeline Protest

FrackFeed | June 28, 2018

We hear it all the time from anti-pipeline activists. “This is about local people rising up and protecting the environment!” It’s really about professional protesters flying in from out of state and trashing the place – and now the activists aren’t even hiding it.

In Virginia, a handful of True Believers are fighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which – if it’s not stopped immediately – runs the risk of creating over 17,000 construction jobs and generating $28 million per year in new local tax revenue.

Opponents are apparently not very good at what they’re doing, though, because they’re now calling in outside help: They recently invited their fellow anti-pipeliners from all over to come stay in their “encampment.” The invitation to the anti-pipeline party actually came from the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, which is fittingly not headquartered in Virginia; it’s based in Maryland (and one of the contact numbers in the release is a Wisconsin area code).

That’s gotta be a fun conversation. “Hey mom and dad, can I travel a few hundred miles for a sleepover in an ‘encampment’ set up by people we’ve never met? We’re gonna talk about climate change and bang drums and stuff.”

Okay, that’s not entirely fair. According to the news release, they will also “share the beauty of our old growth forest” and “walk under the ancient trees.” Sounds like the perfect alternative to a steady job!

For people who follow these nutty anti-pipeline events, this influx of out of staters isn’t anything new. After activists left behind a mountain of trash from protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, they tried to do the same in West Texas. They failed miserably, partially because a bunch of folks who actually live in West Texas pushed back. Apparently, they didn’t want to see vandalismabused animals, and property damage in their own back yard.

Are you ready, Virginia taxpayers? Because here they come.