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The 88th annual Academy Awards will be held this Sunday in Los Angeles, and suffice it to say, 2015 was a pretty solid year for movies.  But did you know that some of the films had alternative storylines – all related to fracking?  They actually didn’t, but let’s take a peek at what Hollywood could have done.

Mad Max

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A future where fracking does not occur, and society relies solely on renewable energy. The people quickly realize they need all economic sources to survive.

The Revenant

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A New York man tries to survive a harsh winter without natural gas after being betrayed by celebrity energy hypocrite Mark Ruffalo.

The Hateful 8

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Four celebrity fracktivists and four scientists battle over the truth about how fracking doesn’t contaminate groundwater.  Spoiler alert: Science wins.

Inside Out

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A movie about the five emotions a fracktivist would go through if she ever graduated college…

Anger – She could have changed the world by being an engineer, and also made more than $30 per hour.
Sadness – She realizes those hit hardest by fracking bans are working families who pay higher energy costs.
Disgust – Realizing the anti-fracking cause was based on fear mongering, she’s upset with herself.
Fear – After mandating 100% renewable energy, the feeling just before the energy bill comes each month.
Joy – Accepting that more Americans support fracking than oppose it, and it’s okay to embrace affordable energy.

Star Wars

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An entire generation, fooled by a celebrity fracktivist regime that controls the galaxy, learns of the pro-fracking rebellion and the benefits of cheap energy.

The Martian

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A scientist gets left behind on Mars. Luckily, he survives thanks to rocket fuel and other fossil fuel byproducts. (Okay, that’s not an alternate ending at all!)