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It’s a long journey from Manhattan to Los Angeles without burning any fossil fuels, so hopefully Academy Award nominee Mark Ruffalo started walking several weeks ago. Ruffalo — nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Spotlight — is one of Hollywood’s most outspoken environmental activists. Over the past few decades, he appeared in a string of forgettable romantic comedies before earning fame as Dr. Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the Avengers movie series. Perhaps playing a character with two different personas has taught him how to lead the double-standard life of a typical Hollywood environmental hypocrite; one day, you’re flying to award ceremonies and making energy-guzzling action movies, the next day you’re raging against the very industries and technologies that make your comfortable lifestyle possible.

Ruffalo is the kind of climate-change zealot that probably makes other climate-change zealots cringe. “But it’s my kids, man,” Ruffalo says. “I look at my kids, and the thought [of] mass extinction, and I see the change that’s happening with the trees . . . ” He’s promised to purge his investments of any fossil-fuel companies in the next three to five years (sure, take your time) and encourages his celebrity buddies to do the same. Ruffalo wears the disaffected look well, designed to fool people into believing he’s untarnished by modernity. Why shower and shave when it wastes so much water?

His big issue is fracking: “I mean, c’mon, what the hell . . .  who thought of fracking?” Ruffalo recently lamented on Steven Colbert’s show. (“People who need oil, they’re called Americans,” Colbert responded.) He’s a professional protestor, demanding a fracking moratorium in Pennsylvania last year and leading a massive climate-change march in New York City in 2014 with fellow Hollywood hypocrite, Oscar nominee, and global jet-setter Leonardo DiCaprio. Ruffalo started an anti-fracking non-profit; he daily admonishes his more than 2 million Twitter followers about the evils of fossil fuels — which he refers to as “enemy No. 1 to mankind” — and the big corporations behind them (of course, like all lefty celebrities, corporations are bad unless they happen to be a corporation that makes your movies). He begged Elizabeth Warren to run for president; he now supports anti-fracker Bernie Sanders.

By JULIE KELLY February 20, 2016

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