A Project of Texans for Natural Gas

Over the weekend, anti-fracking activists burned a heck of a lot of fossil fuels as they boarded buses, planes and cars to get to Oakland for what they claimed would be the “largest anti-fracking rally in history.” While the organizers promised 10,000 participants, it soon became clear that wasn’t going to happen so 350.org later brought its count down to 8,000 participants. In reality, the Oakland Police Department estimated the crowd to be about 2,000 people, only 20 percent of what the organizers originally promised.

Of course, this kind of a turnout is in keeping with the paltry attendance at events like the “Global Frackdown” rallies, or the recent anti-fracking demonstrations in Washington, DC,Marion, IL and Columbus, OH.  A recent event in Denver, CO had to be canceled when only one person – the group’s organizer – RSVP’d for the event.  Far from being the “largest anti-fracking rally in history” it looks as if Saturday’s stunt may have had even fewer participants than a similar gathering in Sacramento last March.

Ahead of the rally, EID released its top ten most ridiculous stunts pulled by ban fracking activists.  Of course, with this latest demonstration, we’ve got a lot more to add to that list:


Governor Brown puppets?  And these are the folks who say they have the science on their side!

Activists have often claimed that fracking should be banned because of the amount of water the process uses – even though all the hydraulic fracturing in California in 2013 used the same amount of water needed to keep just one golf course green for a year.   But that didn’t stop them from wasting loads of water on a dunk tank – with a toilet on top – to mock the Governor. No sober discussions here about the fact that water is a by-product of oil production and the produced water is cleaned and recycled for water re-injection, enhanced oil operations and agriculture.

And here we have: a barrel of oil from hell, apparently.  According to a participant writing in the Daily Kos, this photo is emblematic that,

“It’s time for Governor Brown to use his noggin and start whacking the oil demon…”

This kind of extreme rhetoric — literally demonizing the product that allowed the activists to get to the march in the first place – was widespread.

Activists managed to get a small labor contingent involved, which must be a great comfort to the 500,000 Californians whose jobs exist as a result of the oil and gas industry.  Nevermind the fact that the top labor groups in the country have consistently supported shale development.  As Dennis Martire, the mid-Atlantic regional manager for the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), said “The shale became a lifesaver and a lifeline for a lot of working families.”

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