A Project of Texans for Natural Gas

Sunrise Movement Asks for Gas Money to Push Green New Deal

A group that is synonymous with “Keep It In the Ground” wants its members’ hard earned cash to “fill up their gas tank.” News flash: even if they hop on a bus that doesn’t run on diesel, it will probably use propane or compressed natural gas to get these protesters to their event to, um, protest fossil fuels.

Environmentalists Make Good Movie Villains Because They Want To Make Your Real Life Worse

Radical environmentalists have really been taking it on the chin at the multiplex. They are perfect villains for our times: well-intended enough to often seem somewhat reasonable, but meddlesome busybodies whose hopes and dreams are to radically reduce standards of living in order to effect some utopian scheme or another that will return the world — or worlds — to an unsullied Eden.