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No Peak Oil For America Or The World

By James Conca | Forbes | March 2 ,2017 Oil is more plentiful than you can imagine. And we keep figuring out easier and more economical ways to get it out of the ground. In 1938, the famous geologist M. King Hubbert came up with the concept of peak oil, which is defined as having extracted half […]

Study: Natural Methane To Blame For Tainted Water, Not Fracking

By Andew Follett | The Daily Caller | March 10,2017 New research found naturally-occurring methane contaminated water in two Texas counties where the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) once investigated leaks from hydraulic fracturing operations. University of Texas at Austin researchers said high levels of methane in well water was likely caused by naturally-occurring, shallow natural […]

Environmentalist Protest Destroys The Environment At Standing Rock

By Brad Slager | The Federalist | March 10,2017 After half a year, hundreds of arrests, and thousands of headlines, the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline has drawn to an end at the Standing Rock site. On February 22, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum forced an evacuation of the protestors’ camps. The government needed […]

You Can’t Have Offshore Wind Power Without Petroleum

By Jared Anderson | Forbes | March 1, 2017 The Block Island Wind farm’s launch late last year signified the United States’ official entry into the offshore wind industry. And while European countries have been generating electricity by spinning turbines offshore since 1991, the US is eager to catch up. The federal government has issued […]

Trans-Pecos Pipeline protester wanted out of California since 2007 arrested

PRESIDIO COUNTY — A protester at the Trans-Pecos Pipeline was arrested after being found to be wanted out of California for parole violation. According to the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office, their deputy was dispatched to the pipeline crossing Elephant Rock near Highway 67 Sunday in reference to a group of Two Rivers protesters. When the […]

Leonardo DiCaprio flew eyebrow artist 7,500 miles to do his brows for the Oscars

How much effort do you put into the appearance of your eyebrows? Tinting? Threading? Pencilling in? Plucking the strays? Or perhaps nothing at all? Well if you’re an A-lister with the eyes of the world watching, it seems no length is too extreme to ensure your brows are perfect.   Australian eyebrow-artist to the stars […]

The U.S. is transitioning into a natural gas exporter

The United States is on track to become a net exporter of gas next year, driven largely by the growth of liquefied natural gas exports, according to the U.S. Energy Department. The U.S. started exporting LNG last year, courtesy of Houston-based Cheniere Energy, and the country is increasingly piping more natural gas to Mexico while, […]

#NoDAPL Protests Have Cost North Dakota Taxpayers Nearly $33 Million So Far

Rob Port | SayAnythingBlog.com | Feb. 13, 2017 With Dakota Access Pipeline construction resumed, a lot of you readers have been asking me about the cost of the #NoDAPL protests against that project have cost taxpayers. I’d been meaning to put in a request for the information, but this morning the answer dropped in my inbox in […]

Clean Up Crews Are Scouring Dakota Protest Campsite For Dead Bodies And Lethal Weapons

Sanitation crews are looking for dead bodies and deadly weapons at Dakota Access Pipeline protest campsites. Crews are working to dispose of hundreds of thousands of pounds of garbage from ramshackle campsites along the so-called DAPL construction site. The debris needs to be removed from the city-sized campsite before spring thaw floods the area. Law […]