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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – AUGUST 1, 2016 – Proven candidate launches bid for highest office in land, provides attractive alternative for Americans dissatisfied with current choices Her platform includes jobs, pocketbook savings, energy security, environmental benefits and funding for local services. Today, in a dramatic announcement, Fracking launched an independent bid for the presidency. The […]

US exports gas to the Middle East

Ed Crooks | Financial Times For the US to sell gas to the energy-rich Middle East might seem like sending coal to Newcastle, but it has started to happen as the American shale revolution upends the global flows of resources. Two cargoes of US liquefied natural gas from Cheniere Energy’s Sabine Pass plant in Louisiana have been […]

Science exonerates fracking yet again

Daily Sentinel | 13 July 2016 Hydraulic fracturing isn’t polluting wells in northeastern Colorado with methane — an important scientific conclusion at a time when voters may be asked to consider banning the practice statewide. University of Colorado researchers sifted through 25 years of public data maintained by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, […]

Two Papers Claiming High Pollution Near Fracking Sites Retracted

American Council on Health and Science| 9 July 2016 Two papers published in Environmental Science and Technology with easily noticeable errors in reported levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), pollutants released from burning oil, gas, and other organic matter, have been retracted. The corresponding author for both papers is Kim Anderson at Oregon State University, a chemist since 1981, who […]

Let’s Not Forget the Important Things that are Brought To Us By Fracking

By Dan Byers America is at an energy crossroads. The fracking-enabled shale revolution is rapidly transforming the nation’s energy landscape, lowering prices for consumers and dramatically reducing our dependence on foreign oil. As we will detail further in the coming weeks, this transformation has been undeniably positive for American jobs and the economy. But a […]

U.S. holds bigger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, Russia -study

Ron Bousso | Reuters | 4 July 2016 The United States holds more recoverable oil reserves than Saudi Arabia and Russia thanks in large part to its shale oil, Norwegian consultancy Rystad Energy said in a report. ** The United States currently holds an estimated 264 billion of barrels of reserves in existing fields, discoveries […]

Our Air Is Getting Cleaner, And Natural Gas Deserves Some Fracking Credit

Issac Orr | Investor’s Business Daily | 30 June 2016 A new study released by the World Health Organization (WHO) says although outdoor air pollution worldwide has increased by 8% in the past five years, air quality in the United States has become cleaner. A key reason that air quality has improved is because more Americans […]

Anti-fracking Movement Reeling As ‘Scare Tactics’ Fail To Resonate

Valerie Richardson | The Washington Times | 22 June 2016 DENVER — Even before a federal court ruling threw out the Obama administration’s hydraulic fracturing rule this week, foes of fracking were struggling to dig their way out of a hole after a string of policy and regulatory reversals. Other environmental crusades targeting the oil and […]

The U.S. Leads All Countries In Lowering Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Robert Rapier | Forbes | 19 June 2016 As I noted in a previous article on the recently-released 2016 BP Statistical Review of World Energy, the world set a new all-time high for fossil fuel consumption in 2015. This was driven by new global consumption records for petroleum and natural gas. However, global coal consumption did decline by 1% in 2015. In fact, 2015 […]