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What is Fueling Halloween?

Halloween is a fun time of year where people can dress up and become anything they want to be! Oil and natural gas plays an important role in Halloween — from the products it helps create to keeping the lights on when things get a little scary!   Hair dye to complete that perfect look […]

5 Things from Back to the Future That Wouldn’t Be Possible Without Oil & Gas

In Back to the Future Part II, Doc Brown sent Marty McFly back in time on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015. Here are five “futuristic” items from the film that would have been made from oil and natural gas products.   Your Black & Decker Hydrator. Shoes that tie themselves. The DeLorean’s flux capacitor was powered […]


The fracking boom supports more than 600,000 jobs, and it has reduced electricity bills from California to the Carolinas. But the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to impose costly new regulations that would significantly harm continued growth. One of those is a new mandate to reduce ozone, which could destroy over 1 million American […]

How Back to School Week Is Powered by Fracking

As parents, teachers, and students head back to school, most people probably don’t realize the important role fracking plays in their first day.  From providing cheap energy to funding educational programs, oil and natural gas development is there, helping make the transition from summer to the new school year much less of a hassle.   […]

10 Times Republican Presidential Candidates Supported Fracking Shared by Kittens

Kittens do strange things, but there’s nothing strange about American energy security made possible by fracking. Here’s what the “top 10” Republican candidates for President have said about that. “Republicans care just as deeply about the environment as Democrats but we also care about jobs. We want common sense regulations to be balanced with economic […]

Frack On, California: Study Finds No Water Contamination from Fracking

On July 9, 2015, the California Council on Science & Technology (CCST) released its independent scientific assessment of fracking in California, confirming that fracking has not contaminated groundwater in California. This was certainly good news, but fracktivists and their friends in Hollywood were less than thrilled that yet another scientific report debunked their political agenda. Here […]

9 Reasons You Should Support Fracking

 1. Cheaper gas prices. In May 2015, gasoline prices were at their lowest level in more than half a decade. 2. Generates revenue to support local schools. Fort Worth ISD received over $9 million in property tax revenue from oil and gas in 2014. 3. It produces economic growth. That’s something to smile about. 4. Natural […]

5 Emotions You’ll Go Through When Debating With A Fracktivist

Say what?! Anti-fracking activists say the darndest things, and they always think they’re winning the debate. But if you find yourself debating an anti-fracking activist, don’t worry if you get frustrated, it happens to everyone. Here are the five emotions you’ll typically experience during that debate. 1. Confusion It’s easy to be confused when celebrities like Leonardo […]

10 Priceless Responses to EPA’s Study Finding No Widespread Water Pollution from Fracking

On June 4, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its long awaited study on the potential impacts of fracking on drinking water.  The study found no widespread water contamination, contradicting anti-fracking groups’ most widely peddled myth about fracking.  Here are some of the more notable findings and responses to the report, as played by cats. 1. […]