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Nine Reasons Why Patagonia Secretly Loves Fracking

Nine Reasons Why Patagonia Secretly Loves Fracking Outdoor retailer Patagonia sells really expensive fleece stuff and claims to oppose fracking. Principled, right? Wrong. Patagonia isn’t profitable because of its virtue signaling; it’s profitable because of petroleum. Here are nine examples.

Who said it? Celebrity or scientist?

Who Said It: Celebrity or Scientist?

Because answering the call of the activist isn’t the hard part – it’s knowing if the activist has the merit to make the call in the first place.

Frack or Fiction?

Two popular topics brought together, Modern Family and Modern Fracking! Test your knowledge of natural gas production and see if you are as knowledgeable as Alex Dunphy when it comes to knowing what is frack(true) and what is downright fiction!