A Project of Texans for Natural Gas

Earth Day is a day dedicated to preserving and protecting our super rad planet. It might come as a surprise given the misinformation constantly being spread about the energy industry, but natural gas is actually awesome for our planet! So we took a minute to outline why we should celebrate fracking and natural gas on Earth Day.

1.  Less CO2!

When used for electricity, natural gas emits up to 60 percent less carbon dioxide than other major power sources. In fact, CO2 emissions from power plants are at a 25 year low. Heck Yeah!

2. So Little Water, So Much Energy

Fracking also accounts for only 0.04 percent of freshwater use across the United States.

3. Improved Air Quality

Natural gas-fired power plants emit very few local pollutants, and areas that have switched to natural gas have seen major air quality benefits.

4. Gotta Save That Water

Natural gas, when used for electricity, consumes 60-70 percent less water than other major power options.

5. America is an Enviro-hero

The United States has led the world in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thanks in large part to natural gas and fracking. ‘Murica.

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