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Fract Checking the February Democratic Debate

If you missed the Democratic debate– don’t worry! We’ve got your recap right here.

"We want to go to all renewables." - Mike Bloomberg

Mike– Did you know natural gas is reducing emissions faster than renewables? Natural gas is also cost effective and easily accessible. Millions of everyday plastic items you need are made from petroleum. Let us know when you can make a cell phone or power a jet without petroleum!

"Look, I'm going to say something that is really controversial in Washington, but I think I'm safe to say this here in Nevada. I believe in science." - Elizabeth Warren

Do you really, Elizabeth? The facts are out there, you’re just looking at the ones to boost your point of view! Despite what you say, oil and natural gas production is increasing and emissions are decreasing. In fact, methane emissions from oil and natural gas production have decreased by 17 percent since 1990, according to the EPA.

"We are pulling in those very sectors who have been made to feel like they're part of the problem, from farming to industry, and fund as well as urge them to do the right thing.” -Pete Buttigieg

You’re saying the agriculture industry is to blame because they rely on natural gas, but they rely on natural gas because it is easily accessible and very affordable. Natural gas is not the problem, it’s the solution! In fact, methane emissions in the natural gas sector decreased by 23.8 percent since 1990, according to the EPA.

“What I tell these workers is that the scientists are telling us that if we don't act incredibly boldly within the next six, seven years, there will be irreparable damage done..." -Bernie Sanders

Bernie has been very clear that he supports a ban on fracking, but had nothing to say about the millions of Americans who would lose their jobs if a fracking ban is passed. I’m not sure how else we can phrase this so it sinks in: a fracking ban would jeopardize millions of American jobs and threaten American energy security.