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Groundwater Improves Near Fracking in Pennsylvania, According to Science

FrackFeed | June 12, 2018

Want to make a fractivist’s head spin? Show them this study. We honestly couldn’t put it any better, so here’s a summary directly from Penn State University:

“Unlike previous studies, our findings show that groundwater quality might even be improving in an area heavily exploited for shale gas — northeastern Bradford,” said Tao Wen, a post-doctoral scholar in Penn State’s Earth and Environmental Systems Institute and lead author on the paper.

Using data-mining techniques and learning computer models, the team searched for patterns in methane concentrations, a possible indicator of contamination from shale gas wells that use fracking to extract shale gas. (emphasis added)


Fractivists have claimed for years – YEARS! – that fracking always pollutes water and hurts puppies and causes global warming and blah blah derpity derp.

But actually, no. A few weeks ago, a study in Ohio showed no groundwater contamination from fracking. Those findings were similar to what a bazillion other researchershave also concluded, including the U.S. EPA. Yes, that EPA.

It was a fun campaign while it lasted, anti-frackers. But you lost.