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Here’s Something We Really Can Blame on Fracking: America Is Now the World’s Largest Oil Producer

FrackFeed | September 14, 2018

Well, it’s official: America is the global champion of oil production, and it’s all thanks to fracking.

Let’s keep something in mind, though. Critics of fracking have tried to blame it for just about everything: Obese? Blame fracking. Feeling depressed? Gotta be fracking. Have a sniffle in the middle of flu season? Did GPS force you to make a wrong turn? Bad hair day? You get the picture.

Well fractivists, get your tweeting fingers ready because this week we finally got some news you can actually blame on fracking. With an average production of about 10.7 million barrels per day in 2018, the world’s top oil producer isn’t Russia or Saudi Arabia, it’s America.

Thanks to regions like the Permian Basin and the folks Rockin’ in the Bakken, America is throwing it back to the 1990s – the last time our oil production was greater than what either Russia or Saudi Arabia produced. Did we mention that it’s because of fracking? Because it is.

The United States was already the world’s top producer of natural gas, and we’re well on our way to being the top exporter of both natural gas and oil in the next decade. In fact, really smart people predict the United States could achieve the top oil exporter title as soon as next year, and the U.S. Department of Energy predicts America will be a net energy exporter by 2022.

As the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicted earlier this year, “The United States cements its position as a top [natural gas] producer and exporter [by 2023] thanks to its shale revolution.”

Tweet that, fractivists.

No really, tweet it: http://bit.ly/2OlSihK