A Project of Texans for Natural Gas

Frack Feed

As parents, teachers, and students head back to school, most people probably don’t realize the important role fracking plays in their first day.  From providing cheap energy to funding educational programs, oil and natural gas development is there, helping make the transition from summer to the new school year much less of a hassle.


Rain or shine, the alarm will buzz on time, thanks to power from reliable natural gas.


Want your kids to see their own potential? Products made from natural gas are there when you need them.




That shampoo you use for inspiration and good hygiene? Made from oil and gas.


And, yes, those annoying school uniforms are made possible by petroleum, too.


Nothing sounds, smells, or tastes better than bacon and eggs sizzling on a natural gas stove, helping to fuel the most important meal of the day.


Now more than ever, products like the iPhone are helping first day photos go viral within seconds.


More schools are using natural gas powered buses to get kids to school, and clean the air.


From elementary school to college, oil and gas revenue supports education as kids grow.


While the benefits of fracking on the first day of school may not always be obvious, you can rest easy knowing that oil and gas makes life easier.

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