A Project of Texans for Natural Gas

How Oil and Natural Gas Power American Agriculture

1. Electricity Generation


Natural gas is both reducing emissions and cost-effective– a double whammy! Farmers turn to natural gas for electricity generation because it is so easy on the wallet.

2. Farming Equipment


Many of the tractors and equipment used are powered by gasoline! Many parts of the equipment are also made of petroleum byproducts. Those fields aren’t going to plow themselves!

3. Fertilizer

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Natural gas is used to create the nitrogen product fertilizer which helps crops grow!

4. Transportation


Everyone knows oil and gas powers the car you drive to work, but have you ever thought about how your food gets from the farm to your table? Without transportation in diesel-powered trucks, your food would have never made it to the store you drove to to shop!

  5. Plastic Bags


And where would we be without all of the plastic that keeps our food fresh until we’re ready to pig out?! Plastic is made possible by …drum role please… oil and gas.