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Frack Feed

David Conti | Pittsburgh Tribune | 8 Sept. 2016

In a presidential election where so much has been made about how unpopular the major-party nominees are, perhaps it’s no surprise that a candidate with a negative perception in some circles should throw its hat in the ring.

Fracking revolutionized how this country obtains energy. Now it — or she, as campaign organizers refer to the candidate — is looking to shake up this already topsy-turvy election.

“Presidential candidate Fracking is visiting Pittsburgh this week, her second stop in the Commonwealth, where she is emphasizing the role natural gas development has played in boosting the local economy,” the Fracking for President campaign announced in a news release issued today.

“From drilling and production to new manufacturing investments, Western Pennsylvania is well positioned to gain from natural gas development in the Marcellus and Utica for years to come,” Fracking was quoted as, um, saying in the release.

No, the oil and gas industry advocates behind this campaign haven’t completely lost their minds. And neither have we reporters, though another eight weeks of covering the real election could change that.

The groups behind Fracking for President — FrackFeed and North Texans for Natural Gas — acknowledge the tongue-in-cheek aspect of this campaign.

“It is intended for educational purposes only, although we can’t help it if people laugh too,” they wrote in the release and in a disclaimer on the campaign site.

The candidacy is an opportunity to promote what they consider the top benefits of oil and gas development with what they call campaign stops in different areas.

The Pittsburgh “stop” focused on jobs. For the Philadelphia announcement last week, the message was manufacturing. For the Boston audience, the campaign pushed the benefit of lower energy bills. The Maryland message promoted LNG exports…

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