A Project of Texans for Natural Gas

Fractivists love to claim fracking contaminates water. It’s almost an endless obsession at this point, and they spend millions of dollars each year to promote that message. They have searched for evidence from coast to coast. But wherever they land, they’re greeted by scientific studies that debunk their claim. You’d think they would learn, but with every new study confirming fracking does not cause widespread water contamination, they just keep denying the facts.

They demanded the federal government study the issue. But after five years of studying fracking and groundwater, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency debunked them. Good news, right?

Not for the fractivists. They fueled their jets and headed west to look for water contamination in fractivist friendly California.


But when they landed, they were disappointed, because even California had issued a peer-reviewed study that showed they were wrong. Again.

How did the fractivists respond? Deny, deny, deny.

So they refueled their jets and headed back to the northeast.


But when they landed there, a Syracuse University study showed fracking had no impact on groundwater in the Marcellus Shale.


And then Yale University doubled down on sound science, and once again sent fractivists packing with similar findings.


Unable to present any scientific evidence on water contamination, they crawled their way to the courts.

But then a federal judge temporarily blocked the Obama administration’s attempt to regulate fracking, noting that “experts and government regulators have repeatedly acknowledged a lack of evidence linking the hydraulic fracturing process to groundwater contamination.”


All of these findings are good news for Americans who support energy security. But for fractivists and their radical agenda? Well, they’re just like…