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Sierra Club Funder Attacks Fossil Fuels from the Comfort of His Private Jet

FrackFeed | January 30, 2019 Tesla co-founder Elon Musk has been on a crusade against fossil fuels, including the millions of dollars he’s funneled to the anti-energy Sierra Club. But he seems to be forgetting that the plane propelling him to his press conferences, events and meetings runs on, well… you know. The Washington Post dropped an article this week that uncovered how Musk’s corporate jet flew more than 150,000 miles last year.  It seems while Elon Musk preached about society’s “damaging” reliance on fossil fuels, calling it “the dumbest experiment in human history,” he was relying on jet fuel help him take care of super important business, like visiting the Game of Thrones set. With his head in the clouds all the time, it must be easy to ignore the hypocrisy. Musk shared his illusions with the crowd at SXSW last year:
In the absence of a [carbon] price, we sort of pretend that digging trillions of tons of fossil fuels from deep under the earth and putting it into the atmosphere– we’re pretending that that has no probability of a bad outcome.”  
If Musk were so concerned about the “bad outcome” of fossil fuels, why couldn’t he be bothered to take the bus across Los Angeles? According to the Post, not only did his Gulfstream G650ER jet take him across the country, it logged a number of 20-mile trips – travelling from one airport in L.A. to another to meet Musk at a location most convenient for him. Musk may want to ignore it, but fossil fuels power the economy – including Musk’s “business” trips and gallivanting around the globe. It’s only 238,900 miles to the moon. Combined with last year, and assuming he continues to commandeer his private jet for every task and errand, Musk will have covered that distance by Halloween.