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Sunrise Movement Asks for Gas Money to Push Green New Deal

FrackFeed | January 11, 2019 The Sunrise Movement is behind the “Green New Deal” to ban fracking and all fossil fuels and switch to 100 percent renewables in the next 10 years or so. Don’t laugh, at least not yet – because Sunrise just committed a major self-own. In an email to supporters earlier today, organizers wrote this without a hint of irony:
“PS. Can’t make the action? Help us make sure that everyone who wants to be there has the financial support to get their bus ticket or fill up their gas tank.”
A group that is synonymous with “Keep It In the Ground” wants its members’ hard earned cash to “fill up their gas tank.” News flash: even if they hop on a bus that doesn’t run on diesel, it will probably use propane or compressed natural gas to get these protesters to their event to, um, protest fossil fuels. It’s not a great look for a movement claiming we can live without fossil fuels that they are literally begging for gas money to get from point A to B. Sorta like the anti-pipeline protesters (whose efforts failed spectacularly) who also asked for gas money. You can’t make this stuff up, people, and apparently even the Sunrise Movement can’t ride a wind turbine to Washington, D.C.