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Frack Feed

As we begin 2016, America is more energy secure than it has been in decades, thanks in large part to fracking. Natural gas is also helping us save water and fund education, among other benefits. Let’s take a look at the state of fracking in the United States.

Lower Home Energy Costs

Electricity prices were down nearly 40% last year thanks to cheap natural gas

Fracking Funds Education

The oil and natural gas industry contributes over $4 billion per year to the Texas education system

Lower Gasoline Prices


Gasoline prices in 2015 were the lowest in six years

Repeal of the Oil Export Ban


The U.S. finally lifted its outdated ban on oil exports, creating more competition for OPEC

Fracking Saves Water

Natural gas uses up to 70% less water than other major sources of power

Cheap Natural Gas Has Been a Boon for Manufacturing

Cheap natural gas has brought billions of dollars in manufacturing back to America

Increased Energy Security

U.S. petroleum imports have fallen by more than 30% since 2005

No Water Contamination

EPA finds fracking is not a major threat to groundwater

Fracking Brings in State Revenue

George P. Bush puts Texas oil and gas lease sale online, makes $20 million