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Lights! Camera! Fashion!

Every year, millions of fans crowd around their TVs or laptops (hello cable cutters) to watch the spectacle of music and fashion that is the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. But the show would not be possible without the oil and natural gas products unlocked by fracking.

1. Girl power? More like fracking power.

The lovely ladies strutting down the runway would be stumbling around in the dark without energy to power the venue’s lights.

2. You can’t be a jet-setting model without fuel in your jet.

This year’s show is held in Paris, France. Despite the beautiful “wings” that are part of so many of the runway looks, most models are going to need to be flown in by plane. And where does the fuel for those planes come from? Fracking.

3. Fracking takes over the makeover.

The models undergo a serious makeover transformation to achieve the level of fierceness required to walk the runway. Nail polish, hairspray, lipstick, hair curlers, hair dye and moisturizers are all made using oil and natural gas products.

4. Oil and natural gas products are key to watching the show.

For those of us who can’t fly across the world to watch the event of the year, we’ll have to watch the fabulousness on screen. And all those handy devices—phones, tablets, TVs and laptops—are made using oil and gas products.

5. Fabric, Jewelry and Shoes- Oh My!

Petroleum products play a huge part in the centerpiece of the glitz and glamour: the fashion! Nylon stockings, parts of shoes, costume jewelry and most polyester fabrics are all derived from oil and gas obtained through fracking.

Who knew fracking could be so fabulous?