A Project of Texans for Natural Gas

Fractivists are here and they need our help. If you weren’t convinced by our video, here are the top 3 reasons you should support fractivists.

1. We wouldn’t want taxpayers to continue funding protest clean-up efforts

Protesting is messy business – literally – and all of that trash from cool signs, tents and even human waste can’t move with the protesters to the next location. We would never want to force taxpayers to keep funding protest clean-up efforts. Or even worse, protesters might have to pick up after themselves! The horror!

2. They need gas money

Fractivist asking for gas money

With all that protesting, it can often slip a protester’s mind that they need gas to keep on moving to keep it in the ground. No, really. They need gas money to keep protesting oil and natural gas development. No joke.

3. They don’t have jobs

Protesting is a full-time job. It’s hard work protesting for months on end to destroy the economic opportunity for others. Have no fear though – thanks to the generosity of taxpayers, including the millions of people they are trying to put out of work, they’ll be able to get by.

Don’t delay. Support a fractivist today.