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Frack Feed

When all through the house not a creature was freezing, not even a mouse;


The warmth sprung from the chimney with care, to welcome the relatives who soon would be there.


The children were nestled around their smart phones, while mamma baked cookies from recipes well-known.


Out from the lawn arose a great clatter, so I sprang from the couch to see what was the matter.


The front door suddenly burst open; it was Sue, Sam, and every last cousin!


The children embraced each other and rushed to the tree, they tore up their presents with delightful glee.


The adults sipped eggnog and caught up on old times, as Christmas lights lit up from the outside


With all the family here under one place, brought a joyous smile across my happy face


Yet, none of the joy from the fireplace to plastic toy, from the smart phone to the heat in our home,


From the gas oven from which to bake a treat, to the plastic mistletoe where lovers meet


Everything that helps make the holidays last, is powered or a product madeĀ of oil and natural gas!