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Unhinged Patagonia Founder Thinks He’s a Killer Bee Who Can Bite President Trump or Something

FrackFeed | April 24, 2018

The founder of outdoor clothing company Patagonia – which hates fracking but loves selling petroleum products – thinks the Trump administration is “evil,” because of course he does.

I call the Trump administration evil,” said Yvon Chouinard when asked about the Trump administration rolling back a monument designation in Utah that President Obama made after the 2016 election. He also called people “wackos” if they had the audacity to oppose President Obama’s action, and attacked “Sen. Bishop” by name. That was a reference to Rob Bishop, who is not actually a Senator but rather a U.S. Representative, and who has been a U.S. Representative from Utah for fifteen years.

But it was when he was asked about his company’s decision to sue the administration over the Utah monuments that Chouinard turned his rambling, incoherent response up to 11.

“I think what we are trying to do is like killer bees,” Chouinard said, apparently with a straight face. “We are trying to get a bunch of killer bees around the Trump administration, to where they swat at one and get bitten by another. Just surround them constantly so that the next administration can dump everything they’ve done and start all over again.”

Bees don’t typically bite people. They sting them, which is extra funny because in the same interview, Chouinard accused members of the Trump administration of being science deniers.

Sure, this is all pretty funny and worthy of a good point-and-mock. But it’s also consistent with how environmentalists typically operate. They claim to be climate activists, but they oppose natural gas and still have the audacity to call other people science deniers (natural gas has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by like, millions of tons).

And they also love lawsuits, because they know they can gum up the works and stop things they oppose, like creating jobs or building pipelines so New England wouldn’t have to import gas from Russia (yes, that happened).

The Sierra Club has sued pretty much every time a company proposes a natural gas export facility; the group always loses, but not without forcing developers to pay for their own legal costs. And the Center for Biological Diversity has filed countless lawsuits and complaints to block oil and gas development, using the Endangered Species Act as its weapon of choice.

Instead of spouting nonsense about bees and pretty much every other subject under the sun, maybe activists and their pals at Patagonia could ditch the hypocrisy and start trying to lead by example. Since they need a few science lessons themselves, step one should be picking up a few books at the local library.