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Halloween is a fun time of year where people can dress up and become anything they want to be! Oil and natural gas plays an important role in Halloween — from the products it helps create to keeping the lights on when things get a little scary!


Hair dye to complete that perfect look is possible thanks to oil & natural gas products.

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If your costume demands you wear sunglasses at night, you can also thank the oil and natural gas industry.


From accessories to masks, plastic toys are also made possible because of the oil and natural gas industry.


Want to look like Carl from Up? Just add some balloons, courtesy of oil and natural gas!


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Even the cleats you need to transform into your favorite athlete are made using oil and natural gas.


Want to get mobile this year? You’re going to need oil and gas for that awesome set of wheels.


Planning to wrap yourself into the perfect mummy? You guessed it, you’re going to need oil & natural gas products.

Dog Mummy

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Halloween is a fun time of year. And thanks to the oil and gas industry, it’s easy to express your creativity to transform into anything you can imagine.


Happy Halloween from all of us at FrackFeed! Remember to have fun, be safe and keep the cats inside!