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6 Apr 2016

According to a new study from Syracuse University, scientists found that methane in groundwater was there before drilling and fracking occurred. The researchers focused on parts of Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, and they looked at nearly 20,000 water wells. They found nothing to back up what fracktivists claim. What a surprise! Not.

Here’s what the scientists wrote:

“These data shows that 22.9% of the predrilling groundwater samples from water wells in NE PA had detectable concentrations of methane (>0.026 mg/L), and in the western portion of the Basin (SW PA, North Central West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio), 24.8% of the predrilling samples had detectable concentrations  of dissolved methane (>0.026mg/L), which is of natural origin.” (emphasis added)

Translation: fracking didn’t contaminate water. Nature (or maybe something else) did.

This latest study is in line with the scientific consensus. Scientists at universities like Yale, Stanford and Duke concluded that fracking didn’t contaminate groundwater. Various government agencies, such as the U.S. Government Accountability Office and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (yes, even the EPA), also confirmed no widespread water contamination from fracking.

Still, fracktivists ignore these studies while clinging to debunked and disproven anecdotes. For example, they insist fracking contaminated water in Parker County, Tex., even though the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) found it was naturally occurring. A recent University of Texas at Austin (UT) study confirmed the RRC’s finding, proving that the methane found in Parker County drinking water is “likely natural” and unrelated to fracking.

To recap: Scientists and experts have repeatedly shown fracking is not a major threat to groundwater, but fracktivists still claim otherwise and deny science.

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